6 Steps to Tkae Before Leaving Your Corporate Job

6 must take steps 

before leaving your corporate job to start your own



Are you considering leaving your job that makes you feel trapped and unfulfilled to starting your own business where you can make your own hours and do work you love? What's stopping you? 

You don't even have to answer...I know it's FEAR.

Download these 6 steps. They'll help you see you can step into your fear if you're prepared and have a plan.

These are the 6 steps I've personally used to leave my unfullfilling coroprate job and start my own passion business. When you download the steps you'll know exactly what you need to do before leaving:  

  • The key first step to motivate you to leave and keep you motivated on your path
  • How to gain clarity on your finances (with a spreadsheet)
  • Why knowing your vision is essential
  • Why knowing WHO YOU HAVE TO BE will change everything

and more...

Amy Jones is a leading subconscious self-empowerment coach helping women make major shifts in their careers and lives.

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